Carvalho: "The target is to improve the last year"

Carvalho along with Kaka driving to the training field
Carvlaho and Kaka

What do you expect from Kaka this season?
We all know he had a difficult year, but he's fine now. We are all aware of his quality. We're all convinced he will help us considerably.

Why is best the second season of Mourinho's teams?
Jose Mourinho's teams improve every day and I guess that's why his second year on a side is the best. We all know each other better. We grow ever day. We try to improve and make our game progress

What is the target of the team?
Improving the last year. All together, we will improve every game.

What about the LA Galaxy match?
It is a friendly and we want to improve. Probably in the first match, the players do not play more than 60 minutes. The target is to be at good level for the next week.

What is your opinion about Varane?
Our new reinforcements are very good. It's still soon to talk about them, but I believe they will make the team improve.

And Coentrao?
The first session is difficult for everyone. We are improving, Fabio plays in many positions. The most important thing is to play and train every day with new players.

What is the role of Zidane with template?
Zidane is always with us, which is important because we have great respect for him. He's here to help.

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