Mourinho: UEFA forgives him a match suspension

The Appeals Committee of UEFA has reduced the fine imposed on Mourinho. In the initial penalty, the coach of Real Madrid could not manage the team for four games, with a fifth conditional on Mourinho's behavior during a trial period of three years.

Mourinho and his lawyer at the UEFA heeadquarters
Mourinho and Dupont at Nyon

After hearing the arguments of the Portuguese and the lawyers of the Real Madrid over six hours, UEFA has decided to reduce the penalty from four to three games. As Mourinho has already met one (it was in the semifinal round of the Champions League 2010-2011) in case of good behavior he would be suspended only two. Of course, retains the imposed fine of 50,000 euros to Mourinho and the 20,000 to the white team.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee imposed the penalty on the Real coach for his controversial remarks at the press conference after the first leg semifinal of the Champions League against FC Barcelona on April 27. In that match, Mourinho was sent off for protesting the Pepe's red card and at the press conference complained of arbitration mistakes in favor of FC Barcelona and said he would feel shame winning the Champions League as they won in 2009: "The scandal of Stamford Bridge".

These words were rated as "very serious" by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA considering that Mourinho inveighed against "the fairness of the competition", so they decided to punish the Portuguese coach: Five games and 50,000 euros fine. As well UEFA punishes the club with 20,000 euros fine for "improper conduct of their fans during the game". Real Madrid announced the same day that UEFA announced the punishment, it would appeal to the Appeals Committee and UEFA summoned the Portuguese and the legal team of Real Madrid for yesterday.

The Portuguese reached the UEFA headquarters at 08:50 am, accompanied by the Belgian lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont, the director of legal services of Real Madrid, Javier Lopez Farre, and a white club's lawyer, Alvaro Garcia Alaman, to support his defense. Mourinho's arguments and their lawyers were heard by the Appeals Committee chairman, Swiss Michel Wuilleret, two members of it, the French Patricia Moyersen and German Goetz Eilers, and the UEFA disciplinary inspector, the Swiss Jean-Samuel Leuba.

After six hours of declaration, white coach and his lawyers left the UEFA headquarters in Nyon without knowing the resolution of the Committee and without making any statement to the press. If Mourinho is not satisfied with the resolution, the white coach can still appeal to TAS (Tribunal Arbitral du Sport) within ten days.

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