Higuain and Di Maria: To China with the team

Higuain and Di Maria deplete their holidays after the Copa America. Both have enjoyed two weeks after being eliminated in the quarter-final against Uruguay. Gago, the other Real Madrid player who participated in the tournament (Garay already went to Benfica) stays in Argentina to recover from his injury.

Higuain and Di Maria will play for Real Madrid in China
Higuain and Di Maria

Fernando Gago knows that has no place in Jose Mourinho's team and is looking for a way out. The club has given a deadline of August 7 to find destination. He seems to look kindly return to Boca Juniors, the club he left to join Real Madrid.

Higuain and Di Maria will meet again with his teammates who are getting in shape since July 11. The idea is to train slowly with the team and can play minutes in one of the two friendlies matches to dispute in China. Despite being disconnected, Higuain and Di Maria both have followed the evolution of their peers and are aware of the good image showed in the four games played so far.

Left midfielder has many possibilities to be starter if does not come Neymar. Callejon is looking good in the preseason, but he knows Mourinho is pleased with him and the confidence remains intact after his last good season. Meanwhile, Higuain will discuss a position with Benzema. Former River Plate player will face the best version of French. Karim seems more connected than ever and is showing with goals. There will be fighting for the '9'.

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