Friendly Match (4): Hertha Berlin 1 - 3 Real Madrid

Real Madrid would have to play all the friendlies matches in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, which smells like history from a distance and having the shape of 'Lord' Stadium. In this legendary context played one of the two best teams in the world his fourth preseason game. And won. Not only because Hertha, newly promoted to the Bundesliga, offered little resistance, unable to recover a ball or to make a counterattack with efficacy after initial goal, but because Real Madrid has plenty of everything to beat almost everyone. Took the field with the best of what's left (Khedira was at the bench in the first half and the new Kaka, who still looks too much like old Kaka) and it was enough. The new signings played well, Cristiano Ronaldo scores and defends more than ever, and even Benzema seems to have a gear more.

Hertha Berlin vs Real Madrid
Hertha Berlin vs Real Madrid

The match began with a pair of forgetfulness and Marcelo with Carvalho fell into the trap laid by Ramos, Ebert and Lasogga for the first goal. The central defender was removed from the goal area and Marcelo came late to shot of Ebert. But RealMadrid accelerated and three minutes later, the referee not noted a penalty on Callejon. From that moment, there was only a team on the field. Real seized the ball and with speed preseason, was creating chances and becoming too powerful for Hertha.

The team was attentive to the recovery, tactical positions and gives the impression that, with respect to last season, has become even more compact. On and off the field: solid, harmonious in the movements, with unanimous message, coordinated in the way they sit on the bench or celebrate good plays. Mourinho is happy: the club, the team and the staff, all rowing in the same direction.

And the team is still overwhelming. Benzema had three dangerous ventures in attack that were eventually rewarded: the first was a shot that missed the mark by drifting to the right, the second was a shot from right outside the box that hit the crossbar, and the third ended up forcing the locals to bring him down 25 meters away from the goal (29'). Cristiano Ronaldo took the free-kick and sent the ball to the back of the net through the top left corner of the goal. Four minutes after the the equaliser, Benzema received the ball inside the box from Callejon and defeated Kraft with his right foot.

Khedira came on in the second half and proved to be completely recovered from his recent injury. The German midfielder pressurised Mijatovic in attack, stole the ball from him and assisted Benzema to score in an empty goal. Not content with scoring two goals, the French striker starred in the best effort of the match on the 55-minute mark after he controlled a divided ball, dribbled past a defender with a self-pass, and saw Cristiano who didn't get in time for a fourth strike.

And new ones are and play well. Callejon moved boldly and will evolve into the perfect piece of lace: a great defender when the team does not have the ball, a partner at the front, as demonstrated in assisting Benzema and pleased with his role as player number 13 or 14. Meanwhile, Coentrao plays simple, has the field in the head and is two in one: midfielder and left defender. And yesterday Varane played as right back defender. The Frenchman has played on the center, on the right, on the left and can play as midfielder. Total: everything goes according to plan.


Stadium: Berlin Olympic Stadium
Attendance: 74,000
Goals:1-0, m.18: Ebert. 1-1, m.29: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-2, m.32: Benzema. 1-3, m.47: Benzema

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