Mesut Özil: "The aim is to win all the titles"

Özil at Valdebebas after training session
Mesut Özil at the press room

Mesut Özil adressed the media at the press room of the sports city of Valdebebas and said: "The aim this season is to win all the titles. We are stronger than last year", commented Real Madrid midfielder.

Real Madrid player stressed the importance of mate Kaka, questioned for his performances in preseason games and said: "Kaka and I have a very good personal relationship. He is a very important player to us. He helps the team considerably and he and all of us are aware of his enormous potential. I have a very good relationship with him and we need him".

He also talked about Khedira and Sahin, two good friends in the locker room: "Sahin and Khedira are important to the team. Nuri's been unlucky with his injury, but I'm sure they'll both be back on 14 August and I'll feel very happy for them".

He also referred to the situation of players like Pedro Leon and Royston Drenthe, who trained alone yesterday because the coaching staff does not want them in the template for next season: "It's sad, but personally I think we will be happy to find a solution as soon as possible. The best thing for the players and the club is to find a solution and I am convinced that they will do", he said.

In addition, he declined to talk about the first official game that Real Madrid will have to play against Barcelona in the Supercopa of Spain in the month of August: "Rather than on the Spanish Super Cup, we'd rather concentrate on the work we're doing in the preseason and on recovering all our injured players". Although he said the goals for this year: "This team is more mature. We felt strong in the games we've already played. We have the potential to defeat anyone and our objective is to win many titles. We will fight for them all".

Finally, neither spoke about the feelings that he has wearing the shirt with the number ten: "We are in the preseason. So far I have worn the number ten shirt. On that I do not want to say anything, you will see the number that I will take".

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