Milan reserves the number 22 for Kaka

A.C.Milan has vacated the mythical jersey number 22 that Kaka wore from 2003 to 2009 until was sold to Real Madrid by 67 million euros. The Italian club showed yesterday the final list of the players and their numbers. Nocerino, who wore that number, took the number 8: "We will leave free the jersey 22 to give it to Ricky", said a source at Milan according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

Kaka with the Milan jersey number 22
Kaka with the Milan jersey number 22

The Monday's meeting between Mourinho and Jose Angel Sanchez with Kaka triggered the negotiation. The next day, Gaetano Paolillo, a friend of Kaka and his agent for Italy, met Galliani at the offices of the Italian club. And the latter admitted the contacts in the release of the Calcio calendar: "We are interested, but it's all to be done, and there are a thousand things that could make it impossible. Although there is love... The hardest thing is his salary, that Milan can not afford. In Spain there is a different tax. Kaka has been in our hearts. We will endeavor not to deceive anyone".

Yesterday Ariedo Braida, Milan sporting director, said little about the content of the talks: "There are only talks. There is nothing more. Neither spoke of loan or purchase. There have been only a consultation". Braida said that Bronzetti (Yesterday there was speculation about had a meeting with Florentino) is not in the operation: "Kaka has only one representative... his dad. And a friend (Paolillo). You have to ask them". And they do not talk about it.

The Milan's initial idea is to get the player on loan and ask Kaka, who earns 9 million euros net per season (with a three years contract remaining) to reduce his salary to 5 milllions or that Real Madrid pays the difference to 9. It would be a great move by Berlusconi. And Milan could offer a hope to its fans, after the departure of men like Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Seedorf and Gattuso.

Real Madrid wants to sell the player for 30 million euros. Kaka came for 67 millions and that amount is amortized over the six years of his contract (with an expenditure of 11 million in the balance of the accounts for six years). If Kaka leaves for free, would create a negative balance in these accounts over 30 millions. Now sides are looking for the best formula.

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