Luka Modric: Tottenham expects a Real Madrid's move

The signing of Modric is a matter of time. All people know it in Madrid and London. No rush on either side of the negotiation. They do not want to rush and lose the pulse. With both teams forced to be understood, from Tottenham there is a tendency to work with Real Madrid as long as whites make a gesture to reconcile the views.

Luka Modric waits for a Real Madrid move
Luka Modric 

The numbers are stagnant. Tottenham still sees insufficient the offer of Real Madrid and in the Bernabeu offices, the staff members are not going to get crazy and raise substantially the amount offered for the Croatian player. Daniel Levy, chairman of the English team is willing to negotiate, but understands that Real Madrid has to make the effort and make a new offer, with economic improvement, to take again the talks and resolve this situatuion with the final transfer of Luka Modric to the Jose Mourinho's team.

What does not help at all is the refusal of the player to travel with the rest of the team to the North American tour. Within the Spurs, did not like that the player refused to train with the rest of his teammates and did not travel with the team to the U.S.A. Such gestures, understood as a disregard for the London club, do no good to negotiate. On the contrary, harden the negotiation between the player and the club. Tottenham hoped the Croatian to have a professional demeanor and work as the other Villas-Boas players, at least until the tranfer would have been official.

Logic says that late summer Modric will wear the shirt of Real Madrid. From the English club do not want to hold on to the team to a player who behaves this way, although they are not going to give away to Croatian midfielder. They know that Real Madrid can make a final economic effort and this movement is being waiting in London to get a pinch more from the Spanish team. They want to negotiate. They want to collaborate. But they want that Real Madrid takes the first step.

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