Luka Modric trains in London waiting for Real Madrid

Luka Modric continues training on his own in London waiting to close his move to Real Madrid. The white team has reopened negotiations with Tottenham after Modric's apology to his chairman, Daniel Levy. However, the tug of war between 35 million euros offered by Real Madrid and the 45 millions claimed by Tottenham continues.

Modric is training in London
Modric is training in London

From Real Madrid are confident that the wishes of the player can facilitate negotiations and that the transaction can be closed in 35 million euros (they will never exceed the 40). However, the Spurs also play their cards and wait for Real Madrid raises its offer. Daniel Levy assumes the leaving of his star but is in no hurry to sell. He thinks the Croatian player will have the same price today that on August 31 (when the transfer window closes) and knows that Real Madrid want to close the workforce as soon as possible because white team starts the Spanish League competition on August 18/19.

Meanwhile, Modric returned to training yesterday morning at the facilities of Tottenham with some people as witness. He came at 10:45 am, jumped into the field and an hour later accompanied by a trainer and left the English team sports city at 01:45 pm without wanting to talk about his future.

On other hand, as was published yesterday by the British press, the millionaire PSG intends to interfere in the operation. Sheikh Al Thani would be willing to reach 45 million euros requested by Tottenham. However, the Croatian playmaker did not want to hear about the Parisian team and insists that his only desire is to wear the shirt of Real Madrid.

Tottenham coach, Andre Villas-Boas, confirmed other news; the English club does not force Modric to travel to the U.S.A. tour that the team is making at Los Angeles: "Luka is in London. We decided he stays. I do not think he comes to America, but it is something I have to evaluate", said the Portuguese. Villas-Boas acknowledged that the Croatian apologized to him and the chairman Daniel Levy for his act of defiance: "Modric has spoken with me and the boss. His apology has arrived and was welcomed. The player is now working and is the best decision he took about his future. We hope the teams interested in him can offer what he really costs. Luka is still our player and now I count on him", he said.

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