Kaka: Milan does not give up and waits for a chance

Milan has not forgotten Ricardo Kaka neither the Brazilian his former club. Although Brazil is the preferred destination by Real Madrid, his former team does not close the doors, to the point that Berlusconi does not rule out ask Florentino a negotiation for the player, knowing he has options to sign him.

Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez
Adriano Galliani, Ricardo Kaka and Florentino Perez

The owner of Milan needs to excite his fans with a star signing, although the Italian club's new policy is wage restraint, as has been demonstrated with the transfer of its stars, Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, to the PSG.

There would be several ways to set the operation. From paying about 20 million by Milan, until the player lowers his salary or Real Madrid leaves to pay the outstanding remaining installments of the 65 million euros the player cost three years ago. And it should be noted that the large outlay that was made to sign the player, coinciding with the return of Florentino Perez to the white club, is still paying on the accounts of the club.

Kaka also ponders his future because he is not comfortable with his sporting situation. He thanks Mourinho and Florentino for the patience and the support they have had with him, but he understands he does not want to be a burden or an obstacle to the Mourinho's team.

Berlusconi now believes it is a real chance when he had not in mind just a month ago. For two reasons; First, the pressure from fans who have always demanded the return of the player who was their idol. Moreover, the economic issue no longer seems an insurmountable obstacle. Kaka could decrease his salary and Milan have money in the box after the transfer of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva for a total amount of 62 million euros, without forgetting what Milan stops paying on salaries to both players.

The Milan is adjusting the accounts and its mission is being rid of the players that more charge in its workforce. For this reason, is clear that Real Madrid player will have to make an effort to return to his former house: the 9 million euros net he earns in the Real Madrid are out of the wage policy of Berlusconi.

Jose Mourinho and Kaka met yesterday Monday at the Santiago Bernabeu. It was the awaited meeting between the coach of Real Madrid and Brazilian footballer in which both discussed the future of the former Golden Ball 2007.

In a meeting that began at about 1:00 pm, according to Spanish media, Mourinho recommended Kaka to accept one of the offers that have come to the white club. Now, Madrid needs to raise cash to face the recruitment of Luka Modric, the largest contract in which is involved in this transfer market.

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