Karim Benzema: "It is my time"

Benzema celebrates a goal against Sevilla
Karim Benzema after scoring his first goal against Sevilla

An assist and a double against Sevilla. The Spanish League is coming. Was it worth get up early on Sunday?
Of course. I am super happy but, as I always say on these occasions, the most important has been the collective victory. Against Sevilla I had good chances and I was able to score twice. After the Champions League match was essential for us to win again and we did well. We knew we had to focus back in the league. I think all the team members have played the match against Sevilla as was expected.

Was it hard to forget the elimination against Bayern Munich?
These things happen. We reached the semi-final with high hopes and we were close to reach the final. But we learned and thought that we had to win the league what helped us overcome the disappointment. It is now very close and we must be happy about it because, from early in the season, the League was our priority. On Wednesday and Thursday night we were all sad and dejected by the elimination, but we forgot this sadness.

Twenty league goals, thirty-one in total. Clearly, this is his best season in Madrid.
Of course it is my time. I score goals, give assists and have no physical problems that have stopped me. I am happy. I am happy and I feel good.

And part of the League is yours, right?
Mine and of all other players in the squad. This season it is true that I played more than the preceding two and I am happy about that.

It is time for a little resume. What has been your best memory of this season?
Are many. First, the victory in the Nou Camp in the last Classic, but my return to Lyon with Real Madrid's shirt and some good matches in the Champions League are in my mind.

And the worst?
The more recent the last Wednesday in the Champions League because we worked very hard to reach the final of this competition and we could not.

How do you feel physically ahead of the European Championship with France?
I am in optimum condition for the big tournament. After the end of the League I will have a few days off before going to France for Euro. But it's not yet time to think about it, but to win the League with Real Madrid.

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