All with Cristiano Ronaldo for the Golden Boot

With the league title in his pocket Cristiano Ronaldo, with 44 goals, looks for his third Golden Boot in a fierce battle with Messi, 46 goals. The Portuguese showed in the Classic his best form, but today in Los Carmenes wants to show authority with more goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo with the golden boot at the Bernabeu stadium
Cristiano Ronaldo; Golden Boot 2010-2011

All with Cristiano Ronaldo. That is the mentality of Real Madrid today in Los Carmenes (against Granada). Having won the League, the target is to help the Portuguese to win the battle of numbers with Messi. The Argentinian has scored 46 goals in the league and last weekend went ahead of Portuguese (44 goals) in the top scorer and Golden Boot list.

"There are two players unique, but this year Cristiano has been the best by a long distance" , said Mourinho. A different approach of Guardiola's, that without the championship of the Spanish league seems to conform with individual awards for his players (as example the substitution of Valdes in the last games to win the Zamora trophy). "What Leo Messi has made this year is incredible. He has done things to deserve it, that is clear" he said this week.

Cristiano and Messi have gotten seven hat-tricks this season, something that never happened in the history of the Spanish league. The 'Flea' has made ​​seven doubles and the Portuguese, five. CR7 has scored 11 goals from the penalty spot (missed one) and the Argentinian, eight (missed other). Both forwards have also achieved the same number of goals which have lead to victory for their teams, three.

If the top scorer trophy is Cristiano's personal aspiration backed by the group, the target of one hundred points is a collective task that would put a medal on Mourinho, surely unrepeatable.

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