Chelsea wants to sign Pepe

Andre Villas-Boas wants to repeat at Chelsea his spectacular first year at Porto, with which he won three titles. He is designing his template and has more than enough millions euros to do it. Wants the best from each team, and has set his sights on the Real Madrid defender. He wants to sign Pepe right now, for playing in the defense and as midfielder. He wants Pepe becomes the strong man of the English team and is willing to pay the high salary that Real Madrid has been denying to the player for months.

When last season ended, Pepe left with practically closed renewal (four years and four million net per season) but in the absence of signature, as himself confirmed in an interview. Abrahamovich is willing to offer 5 million euro annually that the player requested at the beggining of negotiations to renew with Real Madrid, with a five seasons contract period.


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