300,000 euros for Iker Casillas' shirt

Iker Casillas continues his triumphant journey through China. The goalkeeper is a national hero, the most followed, who is starting the news in the country, who goes on every cover. They want him to be a guest at official events. They consider Casillas the most friendly visit and taught him wherever he goes.

Yesterday, he attended a charity dinner in Beijing where they were auctioned off several pieces of goalkeeper and balls signed by him. The amazing thing about the auction was a person invited to the dinner who paid 300,000 euros by a lot of things formed by the Real Madrid goalkeeper's shirt, gloves and a ball. The captain was the most surprised when he saw the price reached his jersey. Had never happened him something like that.

Casillas at China
Iker Casillas at the charity dinner

A lot of money that will go to the Next Generation Foundation, which is dedicated to raising money to promote the sport and improve early childhood education indisadvantaged areas of China. In addition to the millionaire batch, also were auctioned a Spanish jersey signed by the international Spanish world champions, a Jabulani ball, the Adidas official ball for the World Cup 2010, and another Casillas's jersey of the Spanish national team.

Besides the acts to which he attends every day, the captain of Real Madrid goes to sightseeing with his girlfriend Sara Carbonero and his agent Carlo Cutropia. This is his third trip to China, but had always been with the team and never had time to visit the most emblematic of the country. On Wednesday, he was seeing the Forbidden City and yesterday, first thing in the morning, wanted to move to the Great Wall of China.

Today, on his last day in China, is scheduled he visits a football school at the heart of Beijing and meets with one hundred children who would like to be goalkeepers. This is the main act of the week. Then, Casillas will fly to Madrid because the preseason begins.

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