Interview: Fabio Coentrao


Ceontrao at the Real Madrid trophy room

Coentrao promises effort, distributes praise and confesses that his only desire was to play in the Bernabeu. "From childhood I always dreamed of playing for Madrid", revealed the Portuguese player in his first interview in white.

You always said you wanted to play for Real Madrid, so this must be a dream come true.Yes, that's true. Every footballer dreams of playing for Real Madrid. I wanted to since I was a child. I used to imagine playing for this team. It was my dream and it has now come true. I hope to earn continuity and to show people I am ready to play here.

What went through your mind as you signed your new contract with Florentino Perez?
I honestly didn’t think of anything. I was just nervous. Being here with the President and signing a contract is like a dream.

Are you anxious to start working with Mourinho and your new peers?
Of course I am. He is the best coach in the world and has been officially acknowledged as such. It makes me proud to have the chance to work with him and a template full of great players.

You will have to compete with quality players as Marcelo for a starter place in the team, but competition is good in order for a player to grow…
It is good, especially for Real Madrid. Having quality players like Marcelo is good for any side. I will work hard to play, and so will he. We will compete for a spot every week and the team will benefit from that. That’s all that matters.

You know the Spanish League from your stage at Zaragoza. What’s your opinion about it?
It is a very competitive League and it has many solid teams. I am anxious to play in the championship and to win it with Real Madrid, which is the best club in the world.

Coinciding with many players from the Portuguese national team may ease your adaptation process.
Yes, I believe it may help me considerably. I have just arrived at the greatest club in the world and, despite the fact that Benfica is also an important club, it is always rather strange. It’s important to have friends here because it will make things easier for me.

Among all the players of Real Madrid, Who do you want to play with?
With everyone. Here there are players of great quality and I have really wanted to share the game with everyone.

What can Coentrao add to Real Madrid?
I consider myself a player who works hard. I try to do everything for my team wins every game. That's my best attribute, I can run, shoot...

You've had more offers. Why did you choose Real Madrid?
It is true that I have had several offers at this time, but I always had clear it; join Real or stay at Benfica. I did not want to leave from there if not to come to play for Real Madrid.

What is your dream for this season?
I have it clear. Win all the competitions we play.

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