Two million euros separate Modric from Real Madrid

Modric is a short walk from Real Madrid. Specifically, 2 million euros away. The numbers are about to be clear in the negotiations that white team and Tottenham have had longstanding. Or what is the same, the player is about to go to Valdebebas Sports City to train with Mourinho's squad.

Luka Modric

The clubs are closer than ever to sign the transfer. In the case of a transaction of this magnitude, will be about 40 million euros, only a small detail about the transfer price in the sale of the player separates Modric from the Santiago Bernabeu.

Tottenham has set two options on the table to give the green light. The first is that Real Madrid pays 40 million euros hard cash. The other, rises to 42 million, but with some differences: the price would be 35 million euros, plus another seven in variable charge based on a series of targets, such as matches played by Modric or titles achieved by Real Madrid.

With the first option discarded by the white club, the pulse is now in the second. Real Madrid does not agree with some figures proposed by Tottenham. Rea Madrid accepts the fixed part, 35 million euros, but stays in 5 million in cash to be paid by variables. The British team understood that the variable part is a deferred payment and wants 7 million. That's the last battle right now.

Real Madrid continues its strategy to 'mature' the signing to get as close as possible to that which has always been its initial position: 35 million euros. A costly task, but it has been paying off given that Tottenham requested 50 millions in the first contact. What is clear, knowing the state of negotiations, is that, sooner or later, the transfer is going to be. Because the other part of the operation, which refers to the agreement with the player, has been resolved long ago.

The midfielder will charge 4.5 million euros net per season and will be located on the second step of the Real Madrid players, with Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Özil and then some. Above, only Cristiano, Kaka and Casillas. Another proof that Modric has both feet on the Real Madrid is that Tottenham is already looking where to invest the money it will get for the Croatian international. While trying to scrape the last million, the English club is moving to find a substitute player. And the one chosen by the coach, Villas-Boas, is Moutinho.

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