Modric: Total rebellion

The status of Luka Modric in Tottenham turns more difficult with the pass of the time after the player has decided to stand firm in his decision. Today he has not submitted to training with the Spurs waiting for the London club accepts his transfer to Real Madrid.

Luka Modric waits for a move to Real Madrid
Luka Modric waits for a move to Real Madrid

If yesterday the Croatian footballer appeared in the facilities of Tottenham but did not take part with his teammates in the training session, today Modric has not even gone to training camps, making it clear the club and the coach that he does not want to play for Tottenham and his only intention is to abandon the squad of the Spurs to move to Real Madrid.

Modric's decision not to submitted to training on Friday comes after yesterday he communicated to Villas-Boas his irrevocable decision to leave Tottenham. Today's behaviour is a step in the player's strategy to play for Real Madrid. The Croatian playmaker has chosen to harden the negotiations and his objective is that the situation can be resolved before Saturday to avoid having to travel with Tottenham to the U.S.A. tour.

Although the English team is willing to give in and allow the player's transfer, the economic differences between the clubs are still important, for now: the Spurs are adamant in their request for 45 million euros compared with the 35 millions to which Real Madrid is willing to offer.

Yesterday André Villas-Boas pointed that despite the interest from Real Madrid to hire Luka Modric, the Croatian "is still, for all purposes, a Tottenham player". In this regard, the Portuguese insisted that "The amount of money for his transfer should be fair. Until then Luka will not move from Spurs".

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