Gonzalo Higuain: "Modric is a good player"

Gonzalo Higuain gave the first press conference of the preseason. He revealed that the meeting with Mourinho and the love of the Bernabeu fans were key to stay and spoke of the coming season.

Gonzalo Higuain
Gonzalo Higuain

How are you approaching this new year?
"This year I am able to start work at the beginning of the preseason and I am really looking forward to it. I feel strong. I hope this season is as good or even better than last year's, and that we achieve our individual and collective objectives. I am as excited as the first day I arrived here and looking forward to winning titles."

What did you feel after the rumors about your leaving?
"I am well aware of the club I am at and who I play with. I am relaxed. The shirt my teammates gave me at the end of the campaign was not a farewell gift; I asked them to sign it as a memento. The affection my teammates and the fans had for me gave me strength to stay on. I only thought about the team throughout the season. Everyone's affection after the last match was beautiful; I had never experienced something like it."

What Mourinho said to convince you to stay?
"That is our business, I will not say anything. Mourinho talked to me and the support of my family and my teammates gave me strength to stay on and be optimistic for the coming season."

After two days of training, how do you feel?
"There are few of us here now. Most will return in the next few days. This season will be tough and long, but the squad looks optimistic and ready to do well. I hope the campaign proves to be fruitful for us."

Mourinho will sit on the bench in the Super Cup matches. What do you think?
"It is always special for us to see Mourinho on our bench and I'm glad he can coach us in the Spanish Super Cup. It is a good thing for us the two matches ban was eliminated."

Barcelona was also annoyed by some things that happened last season...
"We scored 121 goals, won at Camp Nou and achieved unprecedented things. It was a spectacular season for us. We deserved the Spanish league title."

What player would you give the Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or)?
"I don't decide who wins the Ballon d'Or. Those who deserve it will win."

What do you know about Luka Modric? What do you think?
"I saw him at the European Championships and at Tottenham. He is a good player. It seems that the club is interested in him. I wish both clubs reach an agreement to close the transfer as quickly as possible if it is for the good of the team."

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