Ricardo Kaka: Milan has fresh money to sign him

Kaka 'landed' three years ago at the Bernabeu Stadium as a blessing (55,000 spectators attended the official presentation), but after that time has become an obstacle and a problem. For the institution and the white crowd. In fact, the club is very concerned because his leaving would ease a lot the door of the signings, focused especially towards the Croatian Luka Modric.

Ricardo Kaka
Ricardo Kaka

Until yesterday Florentino Perez thought that was impossible to get a solution to the Kaka's transfer, but the Milan opened a door in mid-afternoon. Silvio Berlusconi announced a spectacular double transfer: "With the sale of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva (to PSG) we are going to save 150 million euros in two years". 62 million that the Parisian club will pay for the Swedish striker and the Brazilian central defender, to which must be added the savings of the astronomical salaries of the two players.

Galliani said on June 19: "It is impossible. Ricardo Kaka is not going to play for Milan. We can not afford his high salary". Kaka earns 9 million euros net per season and he has a three years contract remaining. It would be 27 million euros total, to which must be added taxes. But pressure from the Rossoneri fans and the fresh money will arrive from Paris, could make real the dream of the Italian club leaders.

In addition, Mourinho is disappointed with Kaka since his unuseful contribution to the fateful night against Bayern Munich. The Portuguese coach believed in him for the second half of the match and met an apathetic Kaka, cold, without energy. Kaka was sentenced. Last season Mourinho tried to recover his best and gave him minutes. Mourinho asked his commitment and attitude and tried to save him. And he failed.

Portuguese coach is clear about the therapy to be applied to him. Next Monday Kaka is summoned in Valdebebas Sports City with the other 13 first team players available (including Morata). Mourinho will have a talk with Kaka, no cameras or media witnesses, and will tell him something like: "Ricardo, if you stay you will play few minutes. You decide". If AC Milan makes an offensive for Kaka, the transfer could be closed before this.


  1. real madrid don,t leave her best midfielder

  2. Either use him,either sell him to Milan.He is a magical midfielder and his talent is waste on the bench.


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