Modric to harden negotiation with Tottenham

Real Madrid is not in a hurry to sign Modric. Spanish team knows first hand that the player wants to wear the Real white jersey. In fact, the agreement between Real Madrid and the Croatian playmaker can take for granted. For this reason, its strategy is to leave spending time for lowering the price of the signing.

Luka Modric
Luka Modric

Real Madrid will not pay more than 35 million euros, when the negotiations began Tottenham asking for 50, a prohibitive figure. That is, the way forward is to wait for the player himself hardens the negotiations with Tottenham. Modric, who remains on holiday on the Croatian coast, must be filed on Wednesday to practice.

From the white club, the staff hopes that Luka insists on his leaving to Real Madrid. In this pulse, the club headed by Florentino Perez hopes that, with the passage of time, Daniel Levy, chief executive of the Spurs, becoming nervous and lower the price. But the head of the London club is an expert and tough negotiator who avoided last year Modric's move to Chelsea, although the Croatian player asked for the transfer request.

At the Bernabeu offices, people are working on the sale operation; to get cash and to reduce the wage bill. That's when the Luka Modric operation will be undertaken. Even Florentino Perez and the board members are considering not to close the operation until the second half of August, this is the calm with which they are facing this issue, although the competition begins for Real Madrid at that time.

Although right now this is the only signing operation in which Real Madrid is working on, the staff members are not nervous. First, because although Modric is also a PSG target (French team has just signed Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva from Milan), the player wants to move to Madrid, and second, because Tottenham does not want to sale the Croatian player to a Premiership team (Manchester United or Chelsea).

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