Luka Modric will only play for Real Madrid

"I just want to play for Real Madrid" It can be said louder, but not clearer. Luka Modric said Tottenham weeks ago that he wanted to leave the club to play for Madrid. No choice for other offers that have come to White Hart Lane. They do not satisfy his desires.

Luka Modric
Luka Modric

Since Luka Modric met the interest of the Spanish club for him, he ordered his agents to give absolute priority to the transfer. To the extent that the agreement between the parties is complete, it only remains that the clubs sign the deal.

The price requested by the Tottenham is 40 million euros. However, as several media published yesterday, Real Madrid will pay 35 million and will include Carvalho in the operation (if negotiations between the Portuguese player and the Spurs come to fruition). Villas-Boas intended to include Nuri Sahin in the transfer, but the Turkish midfielder flatly refused to leave the white squad.

The ball is on the roof of Tottenham, which is working to get more money, but the player is pressing and his arrival at Madrid appears imminent. Even the Croatian press already considered the transfer made. Modric would have to return to training on July 18 (Tottenham's pre-season begins today) and wants this issue runs out before that date. Meanwhile, Modric spends his holidays at Zadar, waiting for news about his future.


Interest. On June 22, The Guardian reported that Villas-Boas, who was not yet Tottenham coach, thought that Real Madrid wanted to sign Modric. Silva was the first choice of white team, but the Croatian was another option.

Modric wants to leave. By knowing the interest of Real Madrid for his move, the player himself said Tottenham he wanted to leave the club. In Euro 2012, the Croatian praises Real Madrid: "It's the best club in the world and has great players"

Agreement. On July 2, Modric had reached an agreement with Real Madrid, while Tottenham demanded 25 million euros and Sahin. The refusal of the Turkish midfielder is extending the closing of the deal.

Transfer term. On July 7, The Sun and Daily Mail claimed that Modric aims to close his signing for Real Madrid before July 17. The day after he would have to return to train with Tottenham.

Carvalho. Given the refusal of Sahin to go to Tottenham, Real Madrid gave alternatives: Lass Diarra and Carvalho. The center defender is pleasing to Villas-Boas, the new Portuguese coach of Tottenham, and the player has already begun to negotiate with the Spurs.

Sale operation. Florentino Perez does not want too many players in the squad. The white president gives priority to solve the problem of the sale of players. Then, there will be green light to the arrival of reinforcements. The position of the white president clashes with the interests of Modric, however, the basis of the agreement between Real Madrid and the player seem strong enough to withstand this decision.

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