Ricardo Kaka met with a Sao Paulo board member

Ricardo Kaka could return to Sao Paulo nine years after his departure. That is the desire of the institution of Morumbi and it has been so transferred to white playmaker. Last Thursday there was a meeting at restaurant Dona Onça of Sao Paulo between Real Madrid player and Marco Aurelio Cunha, board member of the Brazilian team. The counselor inquired about options for signing him again for the Sao Paulo team.

Ricardo Kaka leaving the Santiago Bernabeu
Ricardo Kaka could return to Sao Paulo

"I want to succeed here and I will not go", was the speech held by Kaka this season. However, now he would welcome to return to Brazil. Mainly for two reasons. His long-awaited return to Sao Paulo ("I will return someday" he says) and the 2014 World Cup to be played in his country. The white 8 has in his mind to play this important competition, something that is very difficult if he continues taking a secondary role in the set of Mourinho.

Therefore, the meeting with Cunha reached great significance, more so, for who is this person. His ancestry on decisions made from the offices of Morumbi is considerable, although not as superintendent of football (he held this position from 2002 to January 2011). As an illustration, Cunha sponsored the arrival of the coach Emerson Leao in October. Furthermore, Cunha has announced his candidacy for the presidential elections of 2014 and although if now he could not materialize the return of Kaka, the player would be in a good position to sign in the next two years.

The next step of Sao Paulo to repatriate Kaka will be formalized through concrete proposals. The Sao Paulo club would be willing to take his salary (nine million euros per season) through sponsors, in the same style Neymar signed his contract with Santos (Nike, Panasonic, Nextel and Red Bull cover a lot of of his salary). The agreement with Real Madrid will be more difficult because Sao Paulo will never come close to pay the 25 million euros offered by the PSG. The French club will be the biggest opponent for the Sao Pualo supporters to get their idol.

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