Higuain: "I am excited with my future in Real Madrid"

Gonzalo Higuain gave an interview to the Spanish press moved to Argentina to track your progress with the national team. On June 2, he will play against Ecuador. Today marks two weeks of the cries of the Bernabeu fans: "Pipa, stay!" but he does not want to answer certain questions about his future because he never said he would leave the white team.

Gonzalo Higuain with an Argentinian shirt and a Real Madrid scarf
Gonzalo Higuaín

After a season with Real Madrid, what do you feel? Physical or psychological fatigue with so much pressure?
It's both. The physical, because you are constantly playing, and the psychological because it is hard. It's been a tough year in which we reached far in the Champions League and won La Liga. It was stressing, but I'm glad we won the league in the end. I'm excited about what there is in store for Real Madrid and Argentina.

In this tough year, what was the moment you were more moved?
The last match with Real Madrid really affected me. It is amazing to hear all the crowd and your teammates asking you to stay, and Sergio Ramos' words of introduction were very moving. That was one of the most beautiful moments I've had at the club in five years, if not the most beautiful. You always remember those moments. I was moved by their affection. I won a title with Real Madrid this season, which was the harvest of very hard work.

Do you feel loved in the locker room of Real Madrid?
I get along great with everyone on the squad. I spend most of my time with Di Maria. We watch River Plate and Rosario matches together. Real Madrid have a healthy squad. I love to kid around in the dressing room and make people laugh, but I also have moments of stress, like everyone else.

What was the Real Madrid shirt you wore after the conquest of the Spanish League? It was signed by your teammates of the squad.
Nothing what was said

It seemed like a farewell.
They signed it as signed the shirts of the other two leagues I won. I appreciate the affection of the squad.

You have become team captain.
I managed to see the dream of being Real Madrid's captain in some games come true for me. I was never the team captain, but I felt proud to wear the armband. It's good that there is really just one captain.

Is it a pleasure to have kept your scoring records?
I'm very happy with the number of goals I scored this season, but I could have scored more.

Real Madrid-Barcelona o River-Boca?
Games between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and those between River Plate and Boca Juniuors, are beautiful Clasicos to be a part of. It is an honour to wear Real Madrid's shirt in games as important as those.

Do you have a weakness for Di Stefano? Don Alfredo has defined you as one of the best players in the team.
I greatly admire and idolise Alfredo di Stefano. He lived it all at Real Madrid and transmits it. It is amazing. I love to listen to him. I learn from what he has to say.

How do you play in the Argentinian national team?
My national coach rightly asks of me what I am asked at Real Madrid. He wants me to play diagonally and get clear from my markers. I don't play with the same footballers, but he basically wants me to do what I do at Real Madrid.

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