Florentino Perez: "We won the best league of the history"

Realmadrid Foundation presented yesterday at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the book 'La Liga del 110'. The event was attended by club president Florentino Perez, the honorary president Alfredo Di Stefano, Enrique Ortego, journalist and author of the book, and Jose Mourinho. "This club was born to seek always victory and we have achieved this year the best and most exciting league of the history. The league of 100 points, of the 121 goals and 110 years", said the president. A club with history, the most successful of all time. The last league trophy, which was exposed during the act, is the best example.

Florentino Perez in the resentation of the book La liga del 110
Florentino Perez with Alfredo Di Stefano

Florentino Perez, president of the club, acted as director for the presentation of this book, which describes the 110 years of life of the most successful football team of Europe: "Thank you for your presence in the Bernabeu stadium, the main area to the life of this club, in which Real Madrid has spent 65 years. But there have been 110 years of emotions, constant dedication and passion for victory. Our fans deserve the greatest effort for the love they have always felt for this shield. We have learned that for Real Madrid unattainable concepts are not impossible. We will never give up. This club was born to seek victory and we are proud of our past and our present. We achieved the best and most exciting league of the history. A league with many records and is the achievement of team and coaching staff."

Moreover, Florentino Perez publicly thanked all the signs of affection that has received since last May 22 when his wife Maria Angeles Sandoval, known as 'Pitina', died: "I deeply thank all the signs of love, affection and respect that my family and I have received in a difficult time for everyone", he said.

Enrique Ortego, journalist and author of the work, closed the ceremony: "We are facing the sixth book in the collection. After traveling through the lives of Raul, Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Stefano, Zidane and Casillas, now is time for the club. When we were in the last pages, we met a wonderful gift: the Spanish league title. It was also the league of 100 points and 121 goals. This is a pure reference book, about history and stories. It is a review of this league and the 79 official titles the club has achieved throughout its history."

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