Ferguson: "As a youth I was just like Mourinho"

Sir Alex Ferguson has been Manchester United's manager for over two decades and has earned the respect of the entire world of football. Sir Alex received an award in Roma acknowledging his ethics in sport and mentioned Jose Mourinho in the speech he gave in the auditorium of Tor Vegata University.

Alex Fergison with Jose Mourinho 

"I had Mourinho's enthusiasm when I was younger. Jose is a great friend. He does not hide his emotions. That is a quality I like in human beings. He can also laugh at himself. We used to drink a glass of wine after a game and talked about a million different things".

"I do not find anything wrong with his enthusiasm. When I was younger I showed more enthusiasm on the bench too. I was always gesticulating and directing. It's Mourinho's nature to be agitated. When I saw Mourinho run up and down the touchline at Old Trafford when he coached Porto, I said to myself, 'Did I also used to do that?' People recognise his enthusiasm. The fans understand that he is fighting for them and for the squad".

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