Carvalho clashed with Mourinho in 2005

Many people were surprised by the Carvalho's runaway of the training camp of Portugal to learn that he was not going to be a starter in the game against Cyprus. "Never before I have felt so neglected and hurt in my dignity. If they make me feel that I am out and did not talk to me, the only option is to leave", said the Real Madrid player. However, it is not the first time that Carvalho has a bad reaction when is moved of the starting line-up.

It cocurred in August 2005, in Chelsea, with Mourinho as coach. The central defender was regular starter with the blues at that time, but saw as the coach began to bet on Gallas and expressed his displeasure in the British press. Carvalho was the third option for the central defender position and said: "I ​​do not know why I am an alternate. He (Mourinho) told me about this, but I do not understand why. It is totally incomprehensible".

Mourinho, very annoying by receive messages through the newspapers, replied him sharply: "Carvalho seems to have trouble understanding what is said to him, so it is possible he should undergo a test of intelligence. I worked with him for the last four years and not understand his words. He probably needs to see a doctor. This summer I said that we have an extraordinary template and if you are on the bench it is time to be patient, everyone would have their chance. What is difficult to understand? I hope he will be quiet because I will not tolerate this kind of behaviour".

The Chelsea chief executive, Peter Kenyon and his peers were very angry. Terry said: "You cannot think you are sick of the coach for a day you do not feel involved". Despite this defense of his coach, Terry tried to remove the fine that the club imposed to Carvalho, 97,000 euros, which was not possible.

Mourinho and Carvalho clashed in 2005 in Chelsea
Mourinho and Carvalho

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