Spanish Super Cup (2nd Leg): FC Barcelona 3 - 2 Real Madrid

Real Madrid has become fearless, has increased his strength and kept bravery that excites Mourinho, but not enough to win Barca, When Messi is placed in the balance, continues to weigh more. The Argentine is the dam that stops a growing Real Madrid. Even short of fitness, as now. Spanish Super Cup stayed at the Nou Camp after a match that began sunny and bitterness, but ended with the same bad temper and reprehensible uproar of the last storm classics. Marcelo, Özil and Villa lost their minds in and finished sent-off on the street.

It was a match played out of breath. At 39 seconds Cristiano had sent a poisoned ball to Valdes, with half a dozen players from Madrid tightening at the security perimeter of Barcelona. Guardiola played with the starting line up that won the Wembley final of the Champions League, unequivocal proof that behind the mist of rotations appears the clarity of the untouchables. But the untouchables did not look good. A Xavi's pass failure served the first chance of Madrid. Pique walked without speed, which is to drift. Busquets did not offer great solutions and Pedro defended himself well against Coentrao, but did not have the force of Alexis.

Messi scoring a goal against Real Madrid
Messi won the title for FC Barcelona

Real, as in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, returned to be above for a long time, with gestures of courage, strength and without give the ball to Barca, which out of habit without it was mishandled. Its playing has an anesthetic effect, discouraged and empty physically the prey. Real Madrid did not tolerate it this time, but 'swallowed' a goal before the first quarter of an hour with no reasons. White team had been better before and after that pass from Messi leaving Iniesta face to face with Casillas, unable to guess the subtle touch. Iniesta was not Robben. Even away from the plentitude, Messi is credited as insurmountable as the last barrier that is resistant to Madrid. Hence the efforts of Florentino Perez to sign Neymar, who he sees as a possible clone of the Argentine.

The 1-0 showed the mismatches of the Real Madrid, hungry and offensive. Its central defenders and Ramos have tuning troubles to defend the counter-attacks. Coentrao sweats blood as left side defender. However, the team offered the best possible face: Pepe, fast and smart as a hare, but again close to vandalism in a foul on Messi and a nudge on Pique. Cristiano Ronaldo, fast, furious and scorer. Benzema, eager to finish every play. Not accompanied by Özil, who looks cannot play all kind of matches and without the pressure of Kaka.

And Real Madrid was adding opportunities until tie with a goal by Cristiano (end to the curse of the Camp Nou), before a beautiful shooting; Great saves by Casillas against Pedro and Messi, hand and foot. A Cristiano Ronaldo's missile to the bar followed by a Özil's diagonal shot that Valdes saved with many problems. Until a new emergence of Messi after a heel pass by Pique (luxuries are available to all in Barca), what froze again Mou's team in a psychological moment, the stroke of half. The same blow from four days ago. The same feeling that FC barcelona sends team to the canvas without effort.

Marcelo came on for Khedira in the second half in order to open up the attack down the wings and put more pressure on the locals. The Whites continued in their search for an equaliser that would keep them alive in the championship, while Barcelona slowed down the game with longer periods of possession. Far from despairing, the Madridistas kept trying. Higuain came on for Di Maria in the 63rd minute, which forced Benzema to play down the wings, and a few minutes later, Ramos grazed the near post by trying to head in a corner-kick (70').

Kaka replaced Ozil on the 81-minute mark and a corner kick served by him was converted into a strike by Benzema only one minute later (82') just before the Fabregas' debut with Guardiola's team. Barcelona decided to defend more and, just when it seemed the game would go into extra time, they scored through Messi in yet another effective venture in attack. Marcelo was sent off in the final minute when everything was already lost. It begins to look like a nightmare that cannot be finished.

Cristiano Ronaldo could win the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo regrets the final score


Stadium: Camp Nou
Attendance: 92,965
Goals:1-0: Iniesta, min.15. 1-1: Cristiano Ronaldo, min.20. 2-1: Messi, min.45. 2-2: Benzema, min.81. 3-2: Messi, min.88.

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