Mourinho is very sorry about his behaviour at Camp Nou

Jose Mourinho is not happy with Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid coach knows he made a huge mistake last Wednesday at the Nou Camp putting his finger in the eye of TitoVilanova, assistant coach of FC Barcelona. Is sorry for his behavior and so he has told his circle of trusted people, both his ​​family and close friends.

Mourinho knows that nothing justifies such action. For many provocations he received or how hot they were the last minutes of the game, there is no reason to attack a person. Also knows that the mistake was higher because he was the person who should set an example to his players in those difficult moments and also represented Real Madrid.

The next day, naturally calmer and with hindsight, Mourinho realized that he had exceeded and that he should control his nerves at the time of high tension that was lived in the Camp Nou field. He also knows he was wrong in the press conference with his contempt, when he called Tito Vilanova, 'Pito' (Translation: Whistle or... cock)

Mourinho knows what represents as coach of Real Madrid and that the action is not appropiate to the position he has. It was too late to rectify, but if a similar situation occurs again, he would act very differently. He is very clear.

Mourinho is sorry about his behaviour at Camp Nou

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