Mourinho: "We feel like we played two very good games"

Mourinho at the press conference after the match

Jose Mourinho spoke to the press to analyse the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona at Camp Nou. The end result was bad but wanted to highlight the good game made by the team in two matches of this competition.

"Real Madrid gave a spectacular performance from the first to the last minute. I just say what I think. We came here to play. What I'm about to say is not a criticism, I'm just stating a fact: there were no ball-boys in the second half, which is something typical of small teams when experiencing difficulties. What happened simply happened, but I'm nevertheless happy with my team".

"We feel like we played two very good games in their entirety. This team is better than it was last year. The longer you work with people, the better the conditions are to have a better year. We played nine games this preseason and proved to be better than we were last year in the last two. I'm happy with the progress my men have made".

"The referee must punish what he deems punishable. Pepe and Marcelo played a great game, one for the entire 90 minutes and the other for 45. Pepe saw a booking for a minor tackle and Marcelo gave a great performance. I'm not going to say we're happy because we didn't win the Spanish Super Cup; that would be hypocritical of me. We intend to play like men and not fall on the ground at the slightest touch".

Mourinho declined to say nothing of his attitude toward Tito Vilanova, Barcelona assistant coach. Mourinho stuck a finger in the eye of Vilanova and the image has not liked in the Real Madrid: "He is the first to know that this image is not good for him or for the club". According to the club, what happened is explained, without wanting to justify what Mourinho did, because: "What it should not be allowed is that Tito Vilanova spends all the match with challenging gestures and insulting us".

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