Neymar: Real Madrid stops negotiations with Santos

Real Madrid will change its policy on the signing of Neymar. The white institution wants to save the climate of tension which has surrounded the negotiations for Santos' star and will step aside. At the moment, has interrupted the dialogue with the Sao Paulo club until next December 2nd, Election Day for president of Santos.

At the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is understood that the preliminary agreement with Neymar is enough to dress him with the Real Madrid jersey. Therefore, the board of the club has adopted a strategy of restraint with Santos not to interfere in its electoral process. First, because if is not re-elected the current president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, the operation would take a new partner with whom to negotiate. Second, if the president renews his mandate, is expected he softens his speech once saved his image before the fans.

Santo's president has put pressure on the last month. Since the Council of the Sao Paulo club rejected two offers from Real Madrid on August 1st, went on the attack. He threatened to report Real Madrid to FIFA by Article 17 and had an aggressive discourse ("Neymar will continue in Santos until age 80") and provocateur ("The Spanish believe that are still in the Treaty of Tordesillas...").

In both cases, with Luis Alvaro de Oliveira or another, Real Madrid hopes to revive the dialogue in December to close the signing either January or July 2012. Neymar will decide in early September.

Neymar will decide his future in September

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