Casillas gets a picture with the best Zamora's saves

Iker Casillas had a pleasant surprise before the work session on Sunday. Pilar Galdiano, widow of the legendary Real Madrid goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora, handed the captain of Real Madrid, a painting signed by former player which portrays his characteristic saves. "I feel very proud. It is an honor to receive this box. The Zamora family can rest easy because I will maintain with love and will occupy a special place in my house. It is a pleasure and an honor. You are very considerate to me", said Casillas thankful during delivery.

Ricardo Zamora Martínez joined the Real Madrid in 1930 and was known as 'Divine'. The goalkeeper was one of the best Spanish players in history thanks to his good position covering the net, his great security and reflexes in all his actions and personality. Moreover, he was easily recognized by his dress, wearing dark clothing and a cap in every game. Daily Marca, in recognition of her figure, established the award that bears his name to the goalkeeping record of the season in the Spanish League.

"My husband was the best in the world and Casillas is now. To me there is no other keeper like him. You are my favorite and I give you this picture with all the enthusiasm in the world. I cannot imagine a better place to stay that your hands", said Pilar giving the picture to Casillas.

Iker Casillas with the picture of Zamora
Iker Casillas with Pilar Galdiano

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