The mysterious future of Kaka

Kaka faces his third season at Real Madrid in a much more uncertain situation than the previous two. In the first, he was a luxury signing that did not work, and in the second a player injured. Now, it seems he is not an importante player for Jose Mourinho, as was seen in the Spanish Super Cup.

Kaka would play loaned for Arsenal
Kaka's future is a mystery

Kaka's future remains shrouded in mystery. It is difficult to understand how a player of 65 million euros, Golden Ball in 2007, has hardly left some loose details in two seasons. Also is difficult to explain the series of circumstances that forced him to undergo surgery after the World Cup in South Africa. Perhaps the simplest is to take over his current situation; After almost two seasons without playing a good standard, has been overcome through the ranks of the team not only by Mesut Özil, but even by newcomers Coentrao and Callejon.

If Mourinho faced the Spanish Super Cup as a test for the season, the outlook is grim for Ricardo Kaka. In the first leg he did not play a minute and in the second the last 13 minutes, the final, with Real Madrid playing desperately. He left no trace in the Camp Nou. As in the rest of the preseason, except for a few good minutes in the game against the LA Galaxy, the first friendly. After that, did not shine nor in the U.S. nor in Europe nor in China. Too little for a player who spent his vacations denying his departure from the club and summoning the Real Madrid fans to his first 'usual' preseason after years of misfortune.

By now, the future of Kaka is the main sports mystery of the Real Madrid. The Brazilian has four seasons in the contract with 10 million euros per year. A salary that does not correspond with his performance and also stifles any possibility of transfer.

But a loan is possible. Wenger is pondering asking the Arsenal managing the loan of Real Madrid midfielder. The London club believes that Kaka is the only name that can ease the discontent of the fans following the departure of Cesc. A swollen that has started timidly to ask for dismissal of Wenger. To pay 10 million euros to the Brazilian would break the wage structure imposed by Wenger, but according the exceptional circumstances surrounding the club...

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  1. I cant wait to see Kaka in arsenal ....He is a very Tactical midfielder and I believe Arsenal need Him for that. His combination with Arteta would be tremendous....welcome Kaka I am ur fan even though I am an arsenal fan.


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