Two-match ban for Mourinho

Alfredo Florez, single judge of the Spanish Football Competition Committee, gave yesterday his verdict on events that occurred in the second leg of the SuperCup of Spain. The Mourinho's finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova has caused a two-match ban and a 600 euros fine for the coach of Real Madrid. Competition Committee has considered it a mild action so Mourinho will miss mathces on the next round of the Spanish SuperCup, never in the Spanish League nor King's Cup (Spanish Cup).

Mourinho's finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova
Mourinho's finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova

In the case of Tito Vilanova, the penalty is only one game and is fined 600 euros. Like the Portuguese, only to apply in the Spanish SuperCup. Now both clubs have the option to appeal to the Appeals Committee, but Real Madrid and Barcelona have accepted the sanction.

Do not forget that it all started when, on August 22, the single judge of Competition decided to open a extraordinary file in which Mourinho's attitude was considered serious and the acts of the Barcelona's coach assistant as mild reaction. The opening of this file was something unprecedented. For years it did not happen because the Competition Committee only evaluates facts in the file of arbitration.

Then, the dossier went to the hands of the judge, Rafael Alonso. This occurred in late August so the decision would not take place until early October because of all the bureaucratic process. It was then when the time came all key, the appeals process. Barcelona did not submit, but Real Madrid did.

The line of argument of Real Madrid, among many things, was that if was considered the Mourinho's acts as serious actions, should be the same with the aggression of David Villa to Özil. Also, Real Madrid understood that there was provocation of Barca coach and felt that there was no harmful element. That is, Tito Vilanova never had to receive medical care by the action of Mourinho.

The judge Alonso analyzed all the elements and appreciated a penalty to Mourinho of two to three games, but reduced the rating of serious, as was initially, to mild. Only this change meant that Mourinho no longer would have to serve the penalty in the League or Cup, it would always be in the same competition, the Super Cup of Spain.

Then it was reported back to the clubs so they could file new claims, a period which expired on Tuesday. After the period, Rafael Alonso issued his final proposal to the single judge of the Competition Committee, Alfredo Florez, who made ​​it official yesterday.

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