Nuri Sahin has already recovered from left knee injury

Nuri Sahin begins to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. Turkish-German midfielder of 23 years has the green light from doctors, who have seen in recent days as the evolution of his grade I sprain of the internal lateral ligament in his left knee is still correct and satisfactory. He is the most important signing of five newly made ​by Real Madrid ​for this season (the club announced their engagement on May 9, including a payment to Borussia Dortmund of 10 million euros) and now he lacks only the stage of functional rehabilitation and addition to the team, which translated for all mortals means to train at the same pace that the rest of the template to complete his pre-season.

Sahin has already recovered from left knee injury
Nuri Sahin training at Valdebebas Sports City

Mourinho is taking no chances with the debut of Sahin because during the summer was the anxiety of the player and the desire to debut what caused the injury to his left knee which has avoided his official premiere in white (the only outfield player that has not played minutes). These next two weeks will be decisive to Sahin. Once the medical problem is already solved, Mourinho will add him gradually to the dynamics of the group. Something like what he did with Altintop, who played against Ajax seven minutes last week.

The injury of Sahin has forced Xabi Alonso to dispute the 900 minutes played by the Real Madrid since the start of the official season. The Portuguese coach wants Sahin to play in the position of the Spanish midfielder, not alongside him. Mourinho hopes to include Sahin this month in a call to gain confidence and remove the upset which caused him the last injury just before the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy

On June 22, FIFA issued a survey to pick young players with greater future. Sahin won the vote ahead of Alexis Sanchez, Pastore, Gareth Bale, Ganso and Hazard. Also, the German players chose the best player in Bundesliga last season and Sahin emerged victorious with 46% of the votes in that prestigious league. Sahin hopes to debut soon to account for all these awards. Has signed for six years...His debut is closer.

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