Real Madrid and FC Barcelona head the betting (UCL)

Barcelona and Real Madrid are in that order, the favorites to win the Champions League 2011-12, as reflected by the bookmakers. Is not scientific, but it is reliable: there are few analysts more receptive than those who bet their money. And brokers are betting it clear. The more conservative value is Barcelona, champions, and the most unlikely, Viktoria Plzen, rookie in the competition and coming from the previous round. If Barca win the title, for every euro wagered, would win almost three. If the Czechs win, the miracle would be well paid (although not enough): 500 to 1,000 euros for each on the bet, depending on the bookmaker.

Real Madrid is the second candidate in the eyes of investors. Its payback ranges between 5.5 and 6 euros for each one played. Real Madrid moves approximately in the same numbers it did past season. It seems that the bettors are confident Mourinho, although they are less sensitive to the signings that have strengthened the template.

The first conclusion is that Barcelona and Real Madrid extend their empire beyond Spain. The classic of Spain is also Europe's classic. It was showed in the latest edition: the semifinal, between Catalans and Real Madrid was feeling like a final. In fact, Bercalona suffered more to defeat Real Madrid over two legs (0-2, 1-1) than to knock Manchester United in the final at Wembley (3-1).

Ferguson's team is the third option. The pace of United in the Premiership (0-5 against Bolton in the last game) and its heavy investment in new signings (57 million euros) set its price in 7.5 to 1. A short distance from the United team, stands the team that can be considered disclosure of Champions even before it begins: Manchester City. The club of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed returns to the Champions League after 43 years and after a billion euros spent in just three seasons. If Manchester City wins the final on May 19 in Munich, the bookmakers will have to pay around ten euros for every bet (like Chelsea).

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