Cristiano Ronaldo costs more than the entire Levante

The Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, costs more than the entire squad of Levante, a team to which will face Sunday in the City of Valencia Stadium in a duel of disparate figure. At a time when people analyze the economic and sports differences between clubs, it is clear that Levante and Real Madrid are one example of that distance.

Ten differences between Levante and Real Madrid:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo, the most important player of the white team costs to his club between 12 and 13 million euros per season, what represents 50% more than the 8 million euros for the entire workforce of Levante.
  2. Real Madrid's budget, estimated at slightly more than 500 million euros, is more than 20 times that Levante's, which faces this season with 23 million budgeted.
  3. Real Madrid has 96,000 members (70,000 have pass to see the matches at the stadium), while Levante, that last week celebrated its first 102 years of existence, reached the 10,000 subscribers for the year 2011-2012.
  4. The Madrid club accumulates 73 national and international titles, including nine European Cups, while Levante has its success in its promotions to First Division and claims a Cup title earned during the Spanish Civil War.
  5. The distribution of television rights places both clubs at the edges of the First Spanish Division, as compared with 140 million euros with which Real Madrid is paid, Levante has a guaranteed income of 12 million.
  6. Although these amounts, as noted by the President of Levante, Quico Catalan, have a different weight in each club. For Levante are close to 60% of their income, while for Real are around 30%.
  7. While Levante has few international players, the latter has been the attacker Valdo, player of Cape Verde, Real Madrid faced their last league match against Getafe, with the thirteen international players of the fourteen that played in the match. Only Esteban Granero, who played a minute, has not played for a national team (Spain).
  8. Nevertheless, Real Madrid visited twice City of Valencia stadium last season and failed to score in 180 minutes. In the League (0-0) and in Copa del Rey lost (2-0) after beating shortly before in the first leg in Madrid by 7-0.
  9. In the six League visits to Valencia, Real Madrid has always won except last year with the goalless draw. In these matches Real Madrid has scored ten goals and has only received one. Interestingly, the only victory of Levante against Real Madrid occurred in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the season 2006-2007.
  10. Participation in European tournaments, marketing revenues, the advertising contracts of their players, the number of fans in Spain, Europe and the world, are some other differences between two clubs that will face on Sunday at 8:00 pm (local time) in a League match at the City of Valencia Stadium.

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