Real Madrid: Disciplinary proceedings against Pepe

Pepe's words against Jose Mourinho after the las Spanish League match against Valladolid, not only upset the coach, but were not well received within the Real Madrid. According to Marca newspaper, the white club will study whether the statements of the Portuguese central defender violate the internal regulations and may be grounds for disciplinary action. In the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium, Pepe's words caused a significant annoyance. "We have the Spanish Cup Final just around the corner and we can not create in these two weeks a war of words between the coach and players," some say in the board of the Real Madrid.


In the locker room of Real Madrid, always with exceptions, Pepe statements have not liked too much, especially when the Portuguese player has remained firmly aligned with Mourinho when other players have faced the coach this season.

Yesterday, Mourinho said Pepe's words were the result of frustration felt by the player after losing the starting lineup place with Varane and go from a permanent place on the eleven to be part of the substitutes on the bench. "It is not easy for a 31 year old man being hit by a boy of 19," said yesterday at a press conference the Portuguese coach.

Mourinho also announced in the morning that the Real Madrid defense against Malaga would be formed by Nacho, Varane, Albiol and Coentrao, confirming the yesterday's news about the substitution of Pepe after his explosive statements. But the Portuguese coach was a step further in the afternoon and left the center defender out of the squad, a decision that could be permanent now and till the end of the season. His place on the bench will be taken tonight by Carvalho.

Also, is possible that the name of Pepe is on the transfer list that Real Madrid manages, trying to earn 100 million euros in transfers next summer. So, with his words on Saturday, the Portuguese defender may have put the last nail in his coffin.

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