Gareth Bale: No transfer without agreement with Tottenham

Gareth Bale has gone on vacation (his representatives and Villas-Boas too) with the feeling that nothing is going to happen soon, that his moves are going to turn in the saga of this summer and that the outcome is uncertain. Real Madrid, or the binomial Florentino-Zidane, have identified him as the primary objective for next season. There is no player on the market more decisive and more expensive. Tottenham did not want to sell (Bale is actually not in the market) and chairman Daniel Levy has told it Villas-Boas.

Bale moves in white
Gareth Bale

A meeting scheduled this week between representatives of the Welsh footballer and the institution has been left for the next month. The idea is that the club sets a price: some speak of 90 million euros, but six months ago was known that Tottenham thought about 50 millions. That was before Bale became, without a doubt, the best player of the Premier.

The biggest problem Real Madrid will face is that Bale will not make an effort to lower his price as Modric did, because the player does not want problems with the club. Therefore, they are all on vacation and relaxed. If someone wants something, as they say, they know where we all are. Aware that this summer is going to be long, Bale does not want to be the cover of newspapers or talk about negotiations, so has moved away from the madding crowd.

Real Madrid aims to close the signing of Gareth Bale before June 15 and will submit a first offer over 70 million euros, according to British newspapers. In England some believe that Bale is a unique asset of Real Madrid president to counter the effect Neymar. And Real Madrid aims to close the recruitment before Bale's renewal. The player will have on his table an offer from Tottenham of 150,000 euros a week, about eight million annually. Real Madrid would equal the salary and allow the player retain fifty percent of his image rights to provide another source of income. In addition, Madrid tries to convince the Welsh player with the powerful argument that Tottenham has not qualified for the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Tottenham will open a new stadium in two seasons and they want Bale to be the star. The London's team wants to play the European football top competitions, the Champions League, so they want to improve, not to sell. The Spurs have another ace up his sleeve: Bale is a shy and quiet boy, 23, who does not know the pressure at the highest level. He does not fear but moving to Madrid, to another country with another language is something that could be difficult for him. Also, Tottenham has made an interesting calculation: if Real Madrid was willing to pay 150 million euros for Neymar and white team would sign Isco (35 million) and Luis Suarez (about 35-40 million more), still remain a lot to make a considerable offer, perhaps enough.

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