Pandev: "Mourinho was my choice"

The controversy surrounding the votes for the FIFA World Coach of the Year award thickens. After FIFA recently released the official document which stated that Macedonia captain Goran Pandev had voted for Vicente del Bosque, Pandev told Italian media that: "All I can say is that the signature that appears on the fax is not mine. Jose Mourinho was my choice. Everyone knows that".

Jose Mourinho at Setubal attending an exhibition about his 50th birthday
Jose Mourinho at Setubal

According to the document, the Macedonian also voted for Jürgen Klopp (three points) and Roberto Mancini (a point). However, Pandev refused to accept it: "We all know strange things go on here, but we can't change the way it is. Neither me nor Mourinho". FIFA moved to resolve the issue: "If Pandev doesn't recognise his vote, he should hold his country's federation accountable, not us".

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho attended the inauguration of an exhibition in Setubul honouring his 50th birthday, with a celebration of trophies, images and anecdotes. At the exhibition, he brought up the controversy that he has received over recent days with respect to his comments regarding the voting system of the FIFA Coach of the Year award and accordingly came out in defence of the Macedonian footballer Pandev for his 'Mourinho vote' that was infamously not counted by FIFA.

"I had only one intention. That people were informed as to why I didn't go to the ceremony in Turin. I have been told that things were not clear in the voting and they have shown that they were indeed not clear. At the same time, it is probable that I wouldn't have won the award, but this isn't a problem now that things have been made clear. Now I cannot be criticised for not having gone to the awards," finished the controversial coach.

He was careful to make sure to express his gratefulness to Pandev: "I would also like to publicly thank one person among the many who called me to warn me of what was happening. I have a great deal of respect for those who have had the honour and strength to tackle this issue publicly, because many have requested that I maintain their anonymity, which is totally understandable. I can't criticise anyone, it really isn't easy to come out and do what Pandev did," argued the Portuguese.

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