Is this the new Real Madrid 2013-2014 home jersey?

The new Real Madrid 2013-2014 home shirt has already been leaked on Internet. Highlight the presence of new sponsor Fly Emirates team as detrimental to Bwin and the orange color on the neck and sleeves.

New Real Madrid shirt for 2013-2014 season with Fly Emirates as sponsor
New Real Madrid shirt for 2013-2014 season

The new Real Madrid 'skin' would have some changes, the most significant is the addition of orange lines on the neck, sides and sleeves, unlike the current, which are blue.

Another significant change is the sponsor, Bwin will dissapear of the white shirt. Fly Emirates is going to be the new sponsorship. The airline will pay 22 million euros per year what will set Real Madrid as the third team with highest income levied by this way, behind Manchester United and Barcelona.

Update: 05/24/2013


  1. I'm hoping it's not. Because that is absolutely hideous.

  2. I hope not it is bullshit


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