Cristiano and Messi play tomorrow their own Classic

The canyon Cristiano Ronaldo has in his right leg against the devilish dribbling of Messi. Real Madrid and Barcelona will play tomorrow the most important match to win the Spanish League but the world will also attend the particular fight between the two biggest stars on the planet. With over 400 million of estimated audience, what the Portuguese and the Argentinian are going to do, will have weight in the votes for the Golden Ball and also for the Golden Boot, for which they are tied with 41 goals in 'La Liga'.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows his right left after score a goal

Cristiano and Messi are making history. The Real Madrid player collects 53 goals (all competitions) in 49 games. He scored one every 81 minutes. The FC Barcelona player has got 63 goals in 53 games (he also played the European Super Cup and World Club) and scored every 72 minutes. Two pathways of science fiction.

The statistics make it clear that Barcelona's reliance on Messi is superior to White's dependence on Cristiano Ronaldo. Especially in the league. Without the goals of 'The Flea', Barcelona would have 19 points less. Without Cristiano, we would have to subtract to Real Madrid 13 points. Therefore, if we 'eliminate' the two giants, Real Madrid would go to the 10-point lead.

Also, if Cristiano misses the goal, Real Madrid does not suffer as much as FC Barcelona when Messi does not score. The Madrid wins in 61.1% of the games when you his star does not score. If Messi is 'dry', Barca won only 40%. It happened in key games when Messi's team suffered a drain of points: ties against Real Sociedad, Valencia, Sevilla, Villarreal and Espanyol, with defeats against Getafe and Osasuna.

Cristiano Ronaldo offers a good omen for tomorrow because he is almost so reliable out and in the Bernabeu Stadium. Of his 53 goals, 26 were playing away (49%). Messi is less predator as visitor with 20 goals, six fewer than Cristiano. 'The Flea' overwhelms at the Camp Nou, with 66.2% of his targets. FC Barcelona's dependence on Messi is not just goals. Also with 25 assists (the most of the team). Cristiano, very supportive, also has 14 assists.

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