Mourinho: "We must return to normality by winning"

Jose Mourinho at press conference after draw against Racing

Jose Mourinho addressed the media in a press conference after the 0-0 draw with Racing. He was serious and somewhat discouraged but declined to evaluate in-depth the poor play made ​​by Real Madrid.

"We had complete control over the game, especially in the first half. We played in our opponent's half of the pitch after half-time and we didn't have that many chances on goal. This is due to Racing, who defended fiercely and played their game well looking to take one point".

"As a team we didn't do our best and some of our players performed under par, but we tried to win and ended the game the way we played it: with two defenders, with someone playing in the middle and with two forwards. Kaka was a free agent and Xabi Alonso worked very hard in midfield. We had complete control over the last 30 minutes of the match".

"We didn't have the necessary dynamics. They were always broken by the passiveness of those who can't affort the pace of the game to be altered. The pace was broken by simulation, by injuries, by the stretcher coming onto the pitch... We're responsible for this because we failed to put a stop to it".

"Our concentration was better tonight than it was on Sunday and I have a different overall feeling about the game. We dropped four points away from home last season in our first few games. Our main reference in terms of fighting for the title are Barcelona and if they win tonight they'll only have a 3-point cushion over us, not a 30-point lead".

"It's less worrysome to draw a match in which you're the only side that tries to play and win. We've dropped five points in two away games and that is worrysome. We will try to win and score goals on Saturday. We've scored one goal in our last three games and we must return to normality by scoring and winning on Saturday".

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